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Saturday, April 7, 2012


I am a Fast Oxidizer - Carb 20: Protein 50: Fat 30

Pat: Let’s say somebody is a fast oxidizer what should they eat?
Jillian: Well, at the end of the day the one universal truth when it comes to diet in my opinion is math, it’s calories in, calories out. That said, you know the oxidizing quiz is helping you identify the best foods for you so you’ll have the most energy possible. The fast oxidizer would do better with less carbohydrates because they would take carbs that already breakdown more quickly in their body and it would give them quick energy and then they would have a sugar crash. so for them, they are going to do better on foods that are a little bit heavier like, steak, natural fats, salmon, nuts, eggs, things like that and of carbs that are more complex.

There's more at: HERE

Owh susahnya nak ikut... But it should be right kan? After all this is from JM

Cuba jaya! Cuba jaya! Cuba jaya!

Get the quiz here to determine urs

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You're a fast oxidizer.

Because you crave salty foods, cheeses, and meats, you may be a fast oxidizer. This is the fancy term for your metabolic rate. It simply means that you burn through the nutrients in your food rapidly and that you therefore produce energy instantly. If the energy is not used immediately, it is stored as fat. Carbs only speed your oxidation and energy production further. So to best serve your metabolism and feel energized both physically and mentally, you require foods with higher percentages of proteins and fats. Make sure that there is protein in everything you eat, including snacks. Your ideal meals and snacks should break down to a ratio of 20% carbs, 50% protein, and 30% fat.

But the bottom line is, you have to burn more calories than you take in. That's it. And to really do this successfully, you have to eat the ideal diet for your body and metabolism. Believe me — I've struggled with this myself. And I've done a lot of research and work to figure out my ideal diet. And now I want to share my findings with you. I have recipes and snacks that will help you eat better for your body type. And I have secrets and tricks to make it easier. (I didn't say "easy.")


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