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Monday, February 28, 2011

Air traffic VIEW from satellite...(REALLY MIND BOGGLING !)

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This is a 24 hour observation of all of the large aircraft flights in the world, condensed down to 1:11. From space we look like a bee hive of activity. What you will see, is a video showing air traffic around the world for 24 hours, taken from a satellite.  
You won't believe this! The yellow dots are airplanes in the sky during a 24 hour period.  
Stay with the picture. You will see the light of the day moving from the east to the west, as the Earth spins on its axis.  Also you will see the aircraft flow of traffic leaving the North American continent and traveling at night to arrive in the UK   in the morning.  Then you will see the flow changing, leaving the UK in the morning and flying to the American continent in daylight.   

This is something that everyone should see. For us old-timers it is really fascinating. For our children/grandchildren it provides a superb learning moment and an opportunity to open up what could be a very interesting discussion. This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It surpasses the "World At Night" poster that NatGeo (I think) published about 20 years ago and my "America At Night" coffee mug. How many people do YOU think are in the sky at any given moment?  
You can tell it was spring time in the north by the sun's foot print over the planet. You could see that it didn't set for long in the extreme north and it didn't quite rise in the extreme south. I have never seen this before. 

We are taught about the earth's tilt and how it causes summer and winter and we have had to imagine just what is going on. With this 24 hour observation of aircraft travel on the earth's surface we get to see the daylight pattern move as well. Remember watch the day to night..... Day is over in Australia when it starts.  
"Take Charge and Take Care"

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sotong + bendi + lobak goreng

Chat with \|̊\̲̳Λ̲̳̊/̲̳|̊/ Ƙι̥ηǤ ²º¹¹ on 2/26/2011

tseh, \|̊\̲̳Λ̲̳̊/̲̳|̊/ Ƙι̥ηǤ ²º¹¹

\|̊\̲̳Λ̲̳̊/̲̳|̊/ Ƙι̥ηǤ ²º¹¹: How BBM Changed Us :-

• You check your phone before you even wake up

• Ignoring people became your forté

• Living alone is no longer lonely

•You wake up from a long night partying with no memory but hey it's okay! Your bbm has a record of what happened because you wrote to someone every time you did something stupid

•You now have typing as a skill on your CV

• No need for a high school reunion because even your second grade maths teacher is on your list

• Everyone's a comedian all of a sudden

• Your thumbs developed new muscles (y)

• No one has time for you yet they can update their status every 3 mins

•Your social life just became a lot more social

• When your battery runs out you'll sell your liver for a charger, heck you'll even help them cut it out

• Its no longer necessary to read the newspaper or watch the news, they just can't keep up

• Gossip travels at the speed of light

• You know every time someone's taking a shit or feels like shit because regular status updates are a must

• Your legs go numb or your back starts hurting cause you've been sitting in the same exact position for so long bbming

• You accidentally laugh out loud in public


• Your heart skips a beat when there's no EDGE !!

• Facebook no longer seems so important! Who would have thought?

Its a BB world now..! ;)and ur a blackberry boy or a girl!!!!!


Inspirations by Suzy and Erin

Second try on DragonFly

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Yesterday sins are better left unsaid

They say...

The worst the wedding, the better the marriage!!!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

They are all wet ;(


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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sempat jugak ;)

I bought (well, it was Nazr* actually) this clear paint to make sure the roses' color last longer.

It was a disaster!!! *nanges* It made the sticks below running and it was horrible!!! The red roses frame was ruined!!!

Alhamdulillah, I have another frame and lots of red roses! Hopefully MA does not realise the different ;P

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Which one do you like best ;)

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tseh, *AE* J̶̷̩̥̊͡Ø̶̷̩̥̊͡N̶̷̩̥̊͡N̶̷̩̥̊͡Y̶̷̩̥̊͡  ЖĨЙǦ ²º¹¹

*AE* J̶̷̩̥̊͡Ø̶̷̩̥̊͡N̶̷̩̥̊͡N̶̷̩̥̊͡Y̶̷̩̥̊͡  ЖĨЙǦ ²º¹¹: 
Have a blessed and joyful day
    
   
   ({}) 
   GOOD   
   MORING  
 Thank GOD for life... Have a blessed day!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Am I done?

I'm thinking of adding yellow flower roses inside the I & U

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Love you...

But it's tiring to fill up the spaces. And what color shall be for the I & U?

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