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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Need a new hair cut...

I always have this style for it's good for me and suit me better. Having straight hairs is easy to handle before but since berhijab, i believe my hair is kinda lack in nutrition and kinda dull nowadays. Hence, having short hair is absolute must. The thing is hubby loves long hair, still aren't all men?

i am deciding to cut my hair the same, and add lil' bit coloring :) Now, need to gently inform hubby about it...


  1. you will look great with short hair.

  2. Thanks beb. Still no matter how short is my hair, need to have it long in the front. *to cover up my bulatness :D

  3. U look great with the last time short hair. I always think pengkid style is attractive and sexy in their own ways. Ok not pengkid but tomboyish. Gogirl


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