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Friday, July 8, 2011

Another typography. An "N"

I LOVE doing these.

Memang sangat mengujakan bilamana memikirkan cara untuk mengisi segala ruang didalam huruf. The hard part is framing OR lining the alphabet. I NEVER master (yet) to make the Line really straight and precise. Maybe I'll never get it but I'll just think of something to make it works!

I LOVE quilling but I just do not wanna DO cards and instead I love Frame and it seems just natural to just quilling on the frame.

I was thinking of making my own wood frame but in doing tht buying few thingy is needed. So for now, I'll just be satisfy with what I have.

Hopefully I could fine the easiest and of course cheapest way to make wood frame for my quilling ;)

¤ Nora ¤

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