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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chat with \|̊\̲̳Λ̲̳̊/̲̳|̊/ Ƙι̥ηǤ ²º¹¹ on 2/26/2011

tseh, \|̊\̲̳Λ̲̳̊/̲̳|̊/ Ƙι̥ηǤ ²º¹¹

\|̊\̲̳Λ̲̳̊/̲̳|̊/ Ƙι̥ηǤ ²º¹¹: How BBM Changed Us :-

• You check your phone before you even wake up

• Ignoring people became your forté

• Living alone is no longer lonely

•You wake up from a long night partying with no memory but hey it's okay! Your bbm has a record of what happened because you wrote to someone every time you did something stupid

•You now have typing as a skill on your CV

• No need for a high school reunion because even your second grade maths teacher is on your list

• Everyone's a comedian all of a sudden

• Your thumbs developed new muscles (y)

• No one has time for you yet they can update their status every 3 mins

•Your social life just became a lot more social

• When your battery runs out you'll sell your liver for a charger, heck you'll even help them cut it out

• Its no longer necessary to read the newspaper or watch the news, they just can't keep up

• Gossip travels at the speed of light

• You know every time someone's taking a shit or feels like shit because regular status updates are a must

• Your legs go numb or your back starts hurting cause you've been sitting in the same exact position for so long bbming

• You accidentally laugh out loud in public


• Your heart skips a beat when there's no EDGE !!

• Facebook no longer seems so important! Who would have thought?

Its a BB world now..! ;)and ur a blackberry boy or a girl!!!!!

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